March 4, 2019

In our house we love any excuse for a pancake, so when Genius asked me to create some recipes using their ready made pancakes I was thrilled. These pancakes are amazingly versatile and we often have them in the cupboard. Think about serving them with fruit (bananas or berries work well) and they are also the perfect size for an easy lunchbox treat with some fruit and a pot of yoghurt for dessert.

On Pancake Day i...

January 9, 2019

Now I do love a flapjack. I'm not sure if it's me convincing myself that the oats and dried fruit make them a (slightly) healthier snack or because they are just so easy to make! And this recent variant will not disappoint. By storing them in the freezer, you also have the added bonus of a supply of goodies ready when you need them, along with the family forgetting they are there so they don't disappear within a day!

This recip...

September 20, 2018

If you are after something different, whilst still being easy to whip up when time is short, and packing a tasty punch, then this is the cake for you. Feel free to swap your berries and citrus peel if needed. Blackberry and orange is great, and I keep meaning to try raspberry and lime. The only problem with this little beauty is that it doesn't stick around for long, and an empty plate can only be a good thing right? 


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