Bung it all in Paella

 This dish is such an easy one to make, and don't worry as you don't need to include mussels in it as the photo suggests (unless you like them that is!). I used to avoid paella as a dish until the kids developed a love for anything with chorizo in it. My daughter also adores prawns, so a paella was suddenly a possibility but definitely not an easy recipe to pop on the table throughout the week. We all really enjoyed this adapted (much easier) version this week, and there was even enough for lunch the next day, which I definitely count as  a win in my book! This recipe took only thirty minutes to get on the table and can be adapted to use up any bits you might have in the fridge. Think leftover meat, sausage, frozen veg will all work and I ensured that it is made with vegetable stock (paella normally asks for chicken stock) so that you can adapt it to become vegan or vegetarian! 




I onion finely chopped

1 red pepper, diced

1tbsp of olive oil 

2 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped

200g runner beans (don't forget to trim and string them!) 

1tsp smoked paprika

zest of a lemon

500ml vegetable stock

1 small bag of frozen prawns (about 200g) (feel free to replace the prawns with an alternative)

100g chorizo peeled and chopped into slices (feel free to replace the chorizo with an alternative). 

250g white basmati rice

1 x 400g tinned tomatoes





1. Fry the onion, pepper and chorizo (if using) in the olive oil in a casserole dish or similar (ensuring it has a lid). 


2. Once softened, add the garlic and paprika and fry for a minute


3. Add the rice and stir to coat. 


4. Add the beans, tomatoes, stock, lemon zest cover with the lid before cooking on a high heat for 10 minutes. 


5. If using prawns, add these now and cook until they are cooked through and the rice has softened. 


6. Serve immediately! 

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