Pizza Friday


I thought it would be nice to post a recipe each Friday that you might like to try over the weekend, and what better recipe to start off with than pizza? In our house 'Pizza Friday' *as it is fondly referred to) is an actual thing. It's reached a point where I quake in fear at the thought of suggesting an alternative to my often tired and hungry children at the end of the school week. For us, Pizza Friday comes in various guises sometimes made, sometimes a ready-made base from the shop, sometimes a ready made pizza in its entirety and if I'm feeling particularly kind (lazy) a trip to a well know pizza restaurant. 


Despite a number of attempts at making them myself, I am always left feeling a little disappointed with the results. It's often difficult to find gluten free bread flour where we live or sometimes a like for like replacement with plain flour just doesn't seem to work, until I found the recipe that I'm sharing today, This particular recipe uses gram flour (also known as chickpea flour) which isn't something that I had used very often until I found the most amazing recipe for blueberry muffins which calls for it (more about those next week). It's surprisingly easy to use and gives a lovely texture. Let me know how you get on! 


Serves 4




240g gram flour 

2 crushed cloves of garlic

pinch of sugar

4 tablespoons of oil (I used olive oil) 

470ml of cold water




1. Add the gram flour, caster sugar, waterand garlic to a bowl and combine with two tablespoons of the oil. Whilst together to form a smooth batter. Allow this to rest for one hour. 


2. Preheat the oven to 210 degrees C/410 degrees Fahrenheit/gas mark 7 and lightly grease 2 trays. 


3. Heat a large frying pan and add 1 tablespoon of the oil. Add half the batter and fry for a few minutes until the batter has bubbled slightly and has formed a crispy edge. Do this again on the other side. Tip the base carefully onto the prepared tray.  Repeat this with the remaining batter.


4. Top the bases with pizza sauce, grated cheese and any toppings of your choice. We also like to add extra mozzarella!


5. Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes and allow to cool before serving. 


I hope you enjoy these as much as we do! Have a lovely weekend



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