Welcome to Gluten Free Kids

 Hello and welcome to Gluten Free Kids' very first blog post. I decided to create this blog more out of necessity really following my realisation that I was allergic to gluten a few years ago. That was quickly followed by the discovery that our daughter was also allergic and we found ourselves on a very steep learning curve finding out about all things gluten free. 


It certainly hasn't been an easy time, but we have found things to be less of a minefield as more and more supermarkets and restaurants are offering products. Some of them are great, some not so much (we are still in search of a decent gluten free loaf!) and we hope to share some of this with you all here. 


Being told that you can't eat gluten is pretty overwhelming at the start. After all, what do you have for breakfast if you can't eat cereal, toast, pastries or pancakes? What can you now order from the menu when eating out? Hopefully, this blog will help you learn the tricks we have built up over the years. It does get easier I promise!


Nowadays things like parties and playdates can also be a bit tricky. Being a person who could never be called a fussy eater, I found (and sometime still do) that asking for an alternative was a bit embarrassing. What I realise now is that most parents want to ensure that they have the correct food for their guests, but just simply don't know where to start. 


I do hope that you enjoy reading the posts on Gluten Free Kids and please do get in touch if you have any ideas, tips or suggestions that we could write about!


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